Rear Curtains

Ask us about curtains for your Toyota Alphard or Nissan Elgrand. Available in 4 colours: Grey, Black, Beige and Champagne. These can be purchased for you to fit at home. We also offer a fitting service in Southampton. Click on the gallery opposite for our recently fitted Curtains.  



    Microwaves are now available for the Original and Extra Wide Rock & Roll Conversions. Click on the Gallery Opposite for our recently fitted Microwaves.





    • Microwave
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    • microwave (2)
    • microwave (1)

      Porta Potti

      It is now possible to incorporate a Porta Potti in to all of the conversions. The Porta Potti can be concealed within the conversion its self or a cube can be made which also doubles as a Stool. Click on our Gallery opposit for examples.




      • 20180716_130113
      • 2UevLVKE

        Passenger Front Swivel

        We offer Front Swivel Seats on Mazda Bongos, Toyota Alphards and Nissan Elgrands. Click on the gallery opposite for our recent swivel seats.




        • front swivel
        • front swivel1

          Rear Table Rail

          Why not add a rear table rail to your conversion. Perfect for eating and cooking outside. Click on the Gallery opposite for recent example of rear table rails.




          • Rear table rail 03-2018 (2)
          • Rear table rail 03-2018 (1)
          • Rear Table Rail 26-03-18 (2)
          • Rear Table Rail 26-03-18 (1)
          • rear table rail (2)
          • rear table rail (1)
          • REAR TABLE RAIL (8)
          • REAR TABLE RAIL (2)
          • REAR TABLE RAIL (9)

            Upholstered Seats

            Upholster your front seats to match your conversion. Click on the Gallery Opposite  to see our recent examples.